Delightfully simple websites for restaurants and food businesses

What is BeesKnees.Site?

BeesKnees.Site is testing whether restaurants and other food businesses have a need for creating delightfully looking and functioning websites, simply, without the technical complications that are present in other popular website builders. Most restaurant and food business websites follow a similar format, so the features being built in BeesKnees.Site are specific to their niche and aim to help them get the most out of their websites.

How are the ninjas completing this assignment?

The Blazing Ninjas are completing this assignment by utlitizing a number of free and open-source technologies that are fit-for-purpose. These technologies, the development methods and hosting environments used are assisting in increasing speed to market while keeping hosting and development expense down.

Here’s a quick look at the current technology and hosting stack being employed for BeesKnees.Site:

  • The public facing marketing website is static and hosted via CloudFront and S3.
  • The customer dashboard is a single page application built purely in VueJS and themed using Bootstrap, hosted via CloudFront and S3.
  • The API that powers the dashboard is built in ASP.NET Core, leveraging the latest in Identity and Entity Frameworks that Microsoft has to offer. This is hosted with AWS Elastic Beanstalk using Docker containerization technology and backed by a PostgreSQL database.
  • A worker process also built in .NET Core handles background tasks such as rendering and deploying customer websites to AWS.
  • Some of the third party services we’re leveraging are Google Maps, Places, and Timezone APIs.

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