Community driven recommendations of hangouts and things to do based on your mood and location

What is Hangoutz?

Hangoutz is testing the need for a user curated guide of hangouts and things to do based on location, that allows for quick and easy discovery while on the go. Users can contribute anonymously by submitting suggestions of places and the moods that these places would suit. A moderation layer exists so that these suggestions can be reviewed before going public. Discovery of new places is achieved through simple mood, location and time filtering. The time filter allows for users to find places that are open now, or at a specific time of the week. Testing is currently under way using a web application designed for both mobile and desktop use.

How are the ninjas completing this assignment?

The Blazing Ninjas are completing this assignment by utlitizing a number of free and open-source technologies that are fit-for-purpose. These technologies, the development methods and hosting environments used are assisting in increasing speed to market while keeping hosting and development expense down.

Here’s a quick look at the current technology and hosting stack being employed for Hangoutz:

  • The public facing website and API are currently packaged together and have been built in ASP.NET Core, leveraging the latest in Identity and Entity Frameworks that Microsoft has to offer. This is hosted with AWS Elastic Beanstalk using Docker containerization technology and backed by a PostgreSQL database.
  • The client-side application is a single page application built purely in VueJS and themed using Bootstrap.
  • Some of the third party services we’re leveraging are Google Maps, Places, and Timezone APIs.

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